HCA Mountain Division - August 27, 2019

iMobile is a smart phone app designed to enhance patient care coordination and communication between clinicians and hospital staff. iMobile, also referred to as Mobile Heartbeat (MHB), goes beyond texting and phones calls. Within the app, images can be captured and shared, and clinicians can review lab results. Additionally, at a few of our hospitals the phone is connected to the call light system. When a patient pushes their call light button, the assigned care team is notified via their phone. They can answer as a phone call and speak with the patient while walking to the patient’s room to address the need.

Alaska was our first hospital to use this communication tool. Last year Mountain Division implemented the technology at three additional hospitals: St Mark’s, Eastern Idaho and Ogden Regional. This fall, we will add iMobile capabilities to West Valley, Lakeview, Timpanogos and Mountain View.

Mountain Division Nursing News: August 2019

August 27, 2019
At Cache Valley Hospital, we experienced success in many metrics for a sustained period of time. However, when our performance unexplainably ...
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