Quality Staff = Quality Patient Care

Throughout the HCA Mountain Division, we aim to hire people who fit our culture. Then, we work with purpose toward retaining them as highly valued staff members.

When we bring the right people into our facilities and help them to further their careers, we are better able to reach common goals. With a shared commitment to focusing on patients first, we can more effectively achieve exceptional clinical outcomes and positive patient experiences.

Exceptional healthcare is built on a foundation of inclusion, compassion and respect – for our patients and for each other. That is a primary reason why we make a concerted effort to collaborate with the medical professionals on staff at Mountain Division facilities. It is also why we work hard to retain our exceptional employees over time.

Leveraging Our Connection with HCA

The Mountain Division is part of HCA, the most reputable, top-performing healthcare provider in the United States. We leverage benefits provided by HCA’s vast network of support in many ways, including the following:

  • Utilizing its analysis of more than 28+ million annual patient encounters that occur within the HCA healthcare system nationwide.
  • Applying its cutting-edge research to advance clinical knowledge locally
  • Implementing evidence-based best practices to continuously improve patient care.

In turn, medical teams throughout our division contribute to HCA research and clinical protocols that establish new standards of care and save lives across the country.