Nursing is one of the most trusted professions in the United States, and among the most rewarding and fastest growing. At every stage of their careers, nurses combine clinical expertise, technical skill and leadership abilities. They make a real difference during some of the happiest and most challenging times in people’s lives. Nurses don't just improve clinical outcomes - they leave lasting impressions with patients and their loved ones.

Throughout the Mountain Division, we know that we greatly depend on nurses to achieve our commitment to the care and improvement of human life. That is why we make a concerted effort to retain our valued nursing staff by respecting and rewarding them. Further, we collaborate with them to ensure the highest quality care and optimal patient experiences.

With hospitals in three states, Utah, Idaho and Alaska, our healthcare system offers multiple opportunities for nurses to elevate their practice and advance their careers. In addition to continuous on-the-job training, we offer leadership development and support the advancement of careers through professional education.

Whether you are a nurse exploring available job openings within our healthcare system, a current HCA nurse, or a new nursing graduate, we can assure you that a Mountain Division hospital is the place to fulfill your calling.